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Pact between Angels and Humans






It is a pact between realms of Creation, a very ancient Alliance between Humans and Angels to combat for the Spirit. This pact is activated every time there is an important moment of change, not only for humans, but it marks a change in the cycle as it is happening in this New Time.

Each new activation of this Pact implies an update of the vibratory work tools and an adaptation of the way of using them based on the new incoming frequency.


To begin with, it involves working on a personal level, that is why vibratory content and tools are sent that allow it. And this being the basis of everything, this Universal Alliance also aims to give us an energetic support that allows us to work the energies of what happens on the planet, in order to support and promote an evolution towards our next evolutionary link, in tune with the jump that our planet and solar system are making.

Download «A New Time, a New World» for free,

the third book channeled during the COVID-19 lockdown period between late April and early May 2020 by Rubén Escartín (PDF format).

It is a New Time for your planet and for the solar system. You are experiencing a moment of planetary and cosmic awakening because it is not only affecting the Earth. This is a stellar moment, in fact, we should say interstellar, where stars from various galaxies, like your sun, are in a process of photon irradiation. This process causes an increase in the vibrational frequency of all that exists, and the collapse of what once existed …

Energy Calibration, in harmony with the frequency of the planet

Energy Calibration is a channelled technique that allows us to tune the frequency of our energy design with that of the planet and with that of our solar system, increasing our vibratory rate and allowing us to raise frequency to the fourth dimension and prepares the energy design to ascend to the fifth.

What benefits can it bring?

At the vibratory level, the benefit is immense because the fact that your entire design is updated based on the new energies, allows you to live this moment of change from a prism of fluidity and not of resistance and suffering. We are at a time when there are new energies on our planet and they are causing changes at all levels, physical (activation of DNA memories), emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual, but there is great confusion because there are no previous references, if the energy design is updated, at a deep level, it will accept change much faster and it will save time of resistance, pain and suffering.

 How is it provided in face-to-face format?

The energy calibration is performed in three different sessions. The person lies down on a stretcher and without any type of physical contact, the calibration of its design begins, increasing the frequency of its three main vortices, a joint alignment is carried out at a vibratory level, the Solar Reticular Capsule is activated, the cerebral hemispheres of the etheric brain … in short, energy systems and applications are activated that remained inactive in the third dimension and are necessary in the fourth and fifth.


 How is it performed when the calibration is from a distance?

Energy Calibration is performed in three different sessions, and it can also be received remotely from anywhere on the planet.

It is a technique that does not require a great preparation of the person who receives it, rather than being open to receiving what his soul sends him to move forward in his own way, the rest, it happens naturally.

Anyone can access a remote calibration.

Contact us to receive your Energy Calibration.

All validated calibrators can perform Energy Calibration in face-to-face and remote formats.

  • BOQUERA RUIZ, RAMON – Telf: +34653309782 – Email: salutipau@gmail.com (face to face in Nerja -Málaga, Spain– and remote format) (Centro Holístico Reconectivo)
  • FLORES PAREDES, NATALY – Telf: +34 722 744 770 – Email: calibracion.energetica@protonmail.com (only remote format)
  • FOLGUERA COLOMÉ, INGRID  –  Telf: +34696323377  –  Email: infoco81@icloud.com (face to face in Lleida –Spain– and remote format)
  • JIMÉNEZ BELLVER, JUAN JOSÉ – Telf: +34676232472 – Email: jj.bellver@yahoo.com (face to face in Lleida –Spain– and remote format)
  • KAMBEROVA, YULIANA  –  Telf: +34666805186 –  Email: julia04@gmx.es (face to face in Alicante –Spain– and remote format)
  • LOBERA TOPETE, ELENA FABIOLA  –  Telf: +52 1 55 9199 9370   –  Email: fablob@hotmail.com (face to face in North Mexico DF and remote format)
  • LOPEZ MAZA, PATRICIA – Telf: +34606506540 – Email: patricia@merkhaba.com (face to face in Almería –Spain– and remote format)
  • MURILLO ZULUAGA, CLARA ELENA – Telf: (+506)88352454 – Email: murilloclaraelena@gmail.com (face to face in San José -Costa Rica– and remote format)
  • ORTEGA DORADOR, GUADALUPE – Telf: +34644325832 – Email: gugadorador@yahoo.es (face to face in Mallorca –Spain– and remote format)
  • SCHMIDT-PEÑA MACIP, MARCELA – Telf: (+49) 170 1483338 – Email: marcelapm@gmx.net (face to face in Baviera –Germany– and remote format)
  • SOLIS, CARMEN JULIA – Telf: 510 493 1236 – Email: julia_solis96@yahoo.com – (face to face in Fremont, CA 94536 – USA– and remote format)
  • VALIENTE PAVÓN, SANDRA – Telf: +34 656196417 – Email: madevamasta@yahoo.com (face to face in Barcelona –Spain– and remote format)
  • VELAYOS PABLO, MAITE  –  Telf: +34646446811 –  Email: maite.weiyou@gmail.com (face to face in Castilla y León –Spain– and remote format)
  • YAGO CALVET, MAITE  –  Telf: +34615080020  –  Email: maiteyago@gmail.com (face to face in Lleida –Spain– and remote format)

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